What others say about us

“I have recommended Spectra’s Professional line to many of my clients with good success. ULTRA/3® is the best product I’ve found for a healthy coat. HEMOCOR® is a great potassium-free blood builder and ideal for horses with Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis (HYPP). I’ve also had good results with VETRA-SEL/DS® on horses with PSSM. These are great products that really work.”

Dr. Fred Benker – Veterinarian, Equine Medical Center of Ocala – Ocala, Florida

“I’ve been very impressed with Spectra’s products. They contain some very unique, high quality ingredients you can’t get anywhere else and they’ve really worked great for several of my clients. When a problem related to nutrition needs to be solved, I look to Spectra products first and I’ve never been disappointed.”

Dr. Louis Acosta – Veterinarian – Ocala, Florida

“Our Equine athletes run hard and train hard! Anything we can do to support capillary health is of utmost importance. That’s why we use DURUTIN®. We have appreciated an improvement in horses that may have had a previous problem. Additionally, offering this kind of support to youngsters to potentially prevent any issues down the road is a no-brainer!”

Ultra/3® from Spectra has made a tremendous difference in the overall health of my horses. I was encouraged to try this new product from a friend and respected Veterinarian. I noted an impressive difference in the improvement of my horse’s hair coats within just 1-2 weeks of using it. As a trainer of halter horses, this is the most important supplement that I feed. It will always be a part of my feed and supplement program!”

Tom Robertson, Ultra/3 – Trainer and AQHA, APHA, and NSBA Judge – Saline, Michigan

“Bosco is a 17 yr old AQHA all around gelding. He’s had a successful AQHA show career however in the spring of 2019 he was struggling with his health and was diagnosed with early Cushings. I tried all kinds of supplements to address his terrible hair coat and inability to shed and had very little success.
He didn’t really look like a show horse anymore and I was contemplating retiring him in the spring of 2022. My vet recommended that I try ULTRA/3®. I wasn’t expecting much as so many other things hadn’t worked, but I was wrong and completely blown away at the results he had in such a short period of time! We saw almost immediate results and he looked like his old self before he got Cushings. Bosco is back to himself and looks amazing. His deep copper penny coat is like a mirror again! Thanks ULTRA/3 for giving me the opportunity to continue showing him and letting him do the job he loves!”

Jolee Messerli and Bosco

“I use your HEMOCOR product and love it! My halter gelding Illicit Intention does great on it. It helps keep him looking and feeling great. I believe it helps his recovery after shows and long hauls. I’ve noticed he doesn’t lose any condition. Thank you!”

Dawn Strohecker and Illicit Intention

Hemocor® has made an amazing impact in my horse’s appetites and overall nutritional well-being. Getting many of my young horses to eat is often an issue, but not since adding this product. I have observed the appearance of deep rich color and my horses are dark around their muzzles, an indicator that they are healthy from the inside out.”

Tom Robertson, Hemocor – Trainer and AQHA, APHA, and NSBA Judge – Saline, Michigan

“I was prepping a filly for the Saratoga Sale in August and she was not shedding out like I wanted.  I considered clipping her, until my local vet, Dr. Fred Benker, suggested I try a new product by Spectra Animal Health called ULTRA/3®.  Within just a few days of starting on the product, this filly began to slick up, dapple out and show major improvement in her conditioning.  I took her to the sale and was very pleased with how well she sold.  I plan to use ULTRA/3® on all my horses being prepped for future sales.”

Charlie Dobbs – Thoroughbreds – Ocala, Florida

“We have been using the Ultra/3® on some of our horses in training that are not thriving in their appearance. Whether it was fighting the sun bleached color or rebounding after rain rot or fungus, this product has been great. Coats became slick, shiny, and healthy in a short period of time.”

Jimmy Miranda – Rapid Run Training Center – Ocala, Florida

“We started our 16 year old mare on ELIXIR 47® this summer. She had got seasonal allergies living here in Florida and would cough and cough all the time. Dr. Fred Benker suggested that I try giving her ELIXIR 47®. What a difference it made, and she loves the taste, now she is happily enjoying the Florida sunshine cough free.”

Pam Farmer – Pharmacy Assistant, Equine Medical Center of Ocala – Ocala, Florida

“I can hardly believe the difference FLEXAN® has made in my 20 year old horse. His attitude, energy level and speed have gone back to that of 8 or 9 years ago. FLEXAN® may truly be the “fountain of youth” in equine form!”

Billy Crib – Mounted Shooter – Columbus, North Carolina

“I have been buying and referring customers to the ULTRA/3® Omega 3 Nutritional Support. This product has turned the health of my 23 year old Friesian stallion around. My stallion has CPL and Cushings, both of which compromise the immune system. This product seems to help tremendously.”

Michelle Hill – Norco, California